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IntekHosting Legal Matters

The following documents establish the realtionship between you (our customer) and IntekHosting. Please review the documents carefully as those documents define the rights and responsibilities of IntekHosting and the rights and responsibilities of our customers.
Shared and Reseller Hosting
By signing up for a shared or reseller hosting you agree to Intekhosting's Shared and Reseller Terms of Service (TOS). Violations of the TOS may result in account suspension or termination.
IntekHosting attempts to provides the highest reliability and uptime possible. In order to maintain a valuable service that meets the needs all clients, an Acceptabe Use Policy (AUP) has been established to protect against abuse.
» Shared & Reseller Hosting Terms of Service
» Shared & Reseller Hosting Acceptable Use Policy
Proxy Hosting
Proxy hosting customers agree to the Proxy Hosting Terms of Service and the Proxy Hosting Accepatable Use Policy. Proxy hosting requires a stricter and faster handling of arising issues and this is reflected in the Proxy Hosting TOS and Proxy Hosting AUP. Please note that IntekHosting reserves the right to use your logfiles and statistics for (preventive) security and abuse analysis and may alter the configuration of the sevrer and/or your account settings in order to prevent abuse.
» Proxy Hosting Terms of Service
» Proxy Hosting Acceptable Use Policy
Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting at IntekHosting is subject to the Dedicated Hosting Terms of Service and the Dedicated Hosting Acceptable Use Policy. The rules and regulations set forth in those documents apply to you and anyone using the servers in your name (your customers).
We recommend to adapt a similarly strict policy for your clients as is set forth in those documents.
» Dedicated Hosting Terms of Service
» Dedicated Hosting Acceptable Use Policy
Privacy Policy
InekHosting repects the privacy of our customers and visitors. This Privacy Policy describes the terms and standards under which IntekHosting protects the privacy of our customers and visitors.
» Privacy Policy
Copyright Notice
IntekHosting respects the intellectual and property rights of others and expect our customers to to the same. This Copyright Notice provides information on how to alert IntekHosting to violations of your intelectual and property rights in case IntekHosting is providing hosting services to any site that you belive constitutes copyright infringement.
» Copyright Notice

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